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March 26, 2014

OK time to get the introductions over…

Reluctant Genealogist readers…meet the California Dude in Harvard Square Court readers

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California Dude in Harvard Square Court readers…meet the Reluctant Genealogist readers.

Using the terminology of the kids today this is now a mash-up of my two blogs (referenced above). I didn’t really abandon you Rel Gen readers…it’s just that my computer blew up in November of 2012…and then there was that pesky relocating to Massachusetts thing. The CDHSC blog was born out of the necessity to vent a bit as I looked out of the window of the corporate housing condo at the glorious skyline of Quincy, Massachusetts. (Town Slogan – We Got Two Presidents).

Aside from new content I will be highlighting past episodes from both blogs to bring each side up to speed.

And, of course, there will be photos of Bingo.



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