On Being a Blogger

“I think, therefore I am” – Descartes

“I blog, therefore I am…a writer” – Every Blogger in the World

“I yam what’s I yam…” – Popeye

I took some time off from watching Bingo the dog chase rabbits in his sleep to contemplate this blogging phenomenon.

Bloggers are basically columnists.

At one time, to achieve that acclaim you had to go to the Big Journalism School of Really Good Writing and then get a job at a small newspaper writing about bake sales and city council meetings. As the years went by you honed your craft working up the ladder of the 4th estate until one day the editor called you into the office to tell you Frank the columnist had quit and he needed 600 words by Thursday, “…and it better be funny”.

Today it takes five minutes to sign in to WordPress, pick a fancy template and start blogging.

I know – that’s what I did.

The problem with blogging is that it never goes away…ever.

While the prize winning writings of Mike Royko, Herb Caen and Jack Smith ended up lining a birdcage or wrapped around a pile of grapefruit rinds, eggshells and coffee grounds the internet saves and serves up (with the proper Google search terms) every lame discourse ever pounded out on a laptop in Starbucks.

I’m reminded by a cross stitch sampler that hung in my Grandmother’s kitchen:


Now you may ask – and I’m sure some will – what does this have to do with genealogy? Huh, huh, huh?

Actually nothing.

In a recent federally funded (of course) study it was discovered that Tuesday was the most boring day of the week.

Monday has some carry over from the weekend – deleted voicemails, un-explained bruises, arriving at work in what you were wearing on Friday.

Wednesday is hump day, Happy Hour, Ladies Night, Thursday can see the weekend in the distance and Friday is Escape Day.

Tuesday is for dental appointments and washing the dog. Tuesday is looking for help from Dr. Oz, needs beauty tips from Brooke Shields, wants “…an all expense paid cruise to exotic Ensenada!

So Tuesday will be officially “Fun For All Tuesday”.

I reserve to right to go as much off topic as I want with the exception of discussing the Kardashians or Real Housewives of Wherever.

Stay tuned for recipes, reviews and general rumblings.

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