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Since my Mom’s side of the family had the most material (and has the most cousins asking “When are we going to see that video you promised?”) I’ve decided to start with them first.

As you remember What…you’ve just joined us? Well, go back and read the previous posts…we’ll all wait…



OK are we all caught up? OK – now the Senate clan came from Wyoming. They were ranchers. My Grandmother ran a chuck wagon for the road crews in eastern Wyoming when she was 15. My grandfather drifted into town and started working at her father’s ranch.

To be poetic…love bloomed on the prairies below the Black Hills.

Both families originally came from Europe to Canada and then migrated into the U.S.

This is a picture of my great grandparents – Dan and Marguerite Thomson it was taken about 1880.


They lived in a small town in Wyoming called Newcastle.

If my great grandparents hadn’t taken the time to hook up the wagon and go into town when the traveling photographer was there and get this picture taken I wouldn’t be able to have this connection with them 130 years later.

Do you imagine they were thinking that over 100 years after they sat for this photo, an ancestor would be looking at it? This was the cutting edge technology of that day. Today, using video to tell your family story is the easy and fun way to do the same thing – preserve your family history.

Fortunately you don’t need to wait for the traveling photographer to come to town. Practically everything today records video – camcorders, DSLRs, your cellphone, smart phone, or iPhone – I think my toaster has a video app. You just need to use it!

Next time I’ll show you a short video I made about my Mom so you can see what we are aiming for

See you next time.

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