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The Videalogy Project™ Genealogy in the video age

100years4_copy-495x290Today video is everywhere. It’s how we communicate these days. On every website there are videos running as information or advertisements. YouTube has 72 hours of video uploaded every minute.

But what are those videos?

Random people at a party sticking out their tongues? Your friends doing something stupid…or dangerous…or illegal – sometimes all three? And kitties, always kitties.

Join the Videalogy Project™ today and learn how this technology can be used in your genealogy research. Video is a great way to collect the stories of your family and at the same time capture the relative telling the story.

Imagine if you could see and hear an early family member tell the story of how they arrived at Ellis Island. By capturing stories today you are saving that experience for family members to come. Video is also the best way to share your genealogy. We’ve all had the experience of trying to get some family members interested in the family history. The names, dates, charts, census pages…for some it’s all too much like a boring history class.

But imagine showing your family a video about their history!

The photos that have stayed hidden in the big box in Aunt Susie’s attic, the stories about your family, interviews with family members, all woven together with music and titles to make your family story an entertaining production.

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100 Years In 1 Hour” today and find out how you can get started on an exciting way to save and share your family history.