Free For Thee #1

October 16, 2012

There are so many programs floating around out there on the internet it’s hard to decide what may be useful to you. It’s like a guy walking through the tool department at Home Depot. There’s always some little shiny thing that catches your eye. Yes, I truly did think I needed an under-counter recessed faucet removal wrench…in day-glow orange (to easily find in an emergency).

Many of the very specific programs do really cool things and can be a lot of fun for a Videalogist. The other nice thing is a lot of them are free or at least reasonably priced.

You might call this an “App” but since I don’t have a smartphone I’ll stay with software. My daughter, who is all up on the hip new trends, calls me “App-less” HaaaHaHaHaHa. OK Never mind…

So checkout FotoMorph. It’s from Digital Photo Software. Let’s meet them.

Digital Photo Software is no company. It’s just me, my hobby, and this web site.

My name is Knut Engebretsen, I live in Norway, and algorithms for digital photo manipulations are my hobby.

In the beginning, I tried to sell my programs online, but they were hacked a couple of days after each new release. Now I just distribute them for free and enjoy a widespread use. Each and every day I see my programs installed and used in almost every country of the world and that encourages me to keep my programs free and to continue their development.

Hey! Thanks Knut!

So here’s the deal. You can morph from one picture to another. Not just a crossfade but an actual morph!

Here’s what the editors at CNET said:

Digital imaging and graphic design software is often the victim of one of two problems: either it’s too advanced for everyone but expert users, or it’s too basic to do anything very useful. FotoMorph is one of the rare programs that manage to deliver impressive results with very little know-how. This fun application lets users create animations that morph one photo into another, no experience required.

We recommend this program to everyone.

Here’s a screenshot of the interface

ScreenHunter_11 Oct. 16 10.10

Now that doesn’t look too scary does it?

There are the obvious uses like morphing a person from baby to adult (or baby to wild carnivorous animal, as shown here). But what about morphing between pictures of recent and ancient ancestors? Do people say that you look just like old Grandpa Seth? Now you can morph between your pic and his!

You can also morph between photos of buildings. You could show a picture of a house in the 1900’s and what it looks like today. The fun never ends!

Now I’m starting to sound like a late night infomercial!

So here’s a morph I did of my parents house in 1947 morphing to a screenshot from Google Maps today.

So run on out and grab this really cool toy. We’ll be digging up and testing new fun things in the weeks to come – so stay tuned!

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Fotomorph is such a great tool! I like your style, easy to use, fun and free! I just made 3 morphs that look awesome and it only took me minutes!

Reluctant Genealogist
October 17, 2012 8:04 am

Thanks Jeff –
I’ll be sharing other free and cheap little tid-bits I’ve discovered over the years. Thanks for looking in

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