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Save and Share Your Family History

Scrapbooks, VHS tapes, home movies – they all have one thing in common…no one ever looks at them! The easy way to share all your family history is with FamilyTales. The FamilyTales system will teach you how to make your own family history video.  Share it with relatives today and pass it down to future generations.

It’s easy and fun to do! No hours of genealogical research. Just gather the family stories and combine with all the old photos and tapes that are in that big box in the attic. It’s a fun project everyone in the family can help with!

FamilyTales is not an e-book or a general video editing tutorial. The lessons were created specifically for making a family history video and will show you how to easily create your own personal video history heirloom.

Is this software? Is this a video editing program?
FamilyTales is a teaching system that will show you how to make a family history video using the video editing software already on your computer. It isn’t an editing program – it teaches you how one works
I have video editing software already on my computer?
Yes If you have a Mac you have iMovie, if you have a PC with Windows you have Windows Movie Maker. There are also a number of free editing programs available online.
What editing program is used in FamilyTales?
Pinnacle Studio 11. It is the most popular and reasonably priced consumer program for video editing.
Is this a genealogy program?
FamilyTales shows you how to save and share the stories of your family in a video using recorded interviews, photos, home movies and old video clips.
I don’t know how to do video editing, can I do this?
Anyone with basic computer skills can create a family history video. FamilyTales will teach you how to use your video editing software to make a family history DVD.
I have (Vegas, Final Cut, Adobe Premier or any other video program) will FamilyTales teach me how to use it?
The lessons in FamilyTales are not program specific. It was created so you will learn professional video techniques and use them in any program. It uses Pinnacle Studio as the demonstration program.
What else do I need?
You will need a video camera and a way to scan your photos.
How long does it take to make a movie?
It depends on how elaborate you want it to be. A simple slideshow type of movie can take just a few hours.
How does it work?
FamilyTales are online lessons. After you join with our lifetime membership you will be able to access all the lessons. You log in and it opens to a main page you can then go to any of the lessons. You can easily go back to any lesson just by back-clicking.
What else will I learn?
You Will Learn How To:
Organize your family memories
Scan Photos to use in your video
Transfer Film and VHS video
Gather your family stories
Write your family story
The FamilyTales system will also teach you everything you need to know about editing your Family History Video
Basic Editing
Advanced Editing
Editing Interviews
Adding Sound and Music
Making a Title Sequence
Designing a DVD Cover