Start telling the stories in your family history

How It Works

Organize your photos, scrapbooks and memorabilia

Gather your family stories

Match the material with the stories you collect

Edit with your computer

Burn a DVD

Share with your family!

What’s Included

Nineteen Video Lessons

Over 2½ hours of easy to follow guides

Ready to use Title Animations

Quick Reference Guides

Family Interview Questionaire

Secrets for finding hidden treasures on the Web

Your FamilyTales Membership is a lifetime subscription. You can come back to the classes as many times as you want, for as long as you want. You also will have access to all new updates in FamilyTales at no additional charge



“100 Years In 1 Hour” is an informative and entertaining free report on how you can get started on an exciting way to save and share your family history. Get it today!

Watch Our Video Sample

You’ll see how we put this whole clip together, step by step, in the lessons. Join now.

Frequently asked questions 

Scrapbooks, VHS tapes, home movies – they all have one thing in common…no one ever looks at them! The easy way to share all your family history is with FamilyTales. The FamilyTales system will teach you how to make your own family history video. Share it with relatives today and pass it down to future generations.

Start telling the stories in your family history