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The Reluctant Genealogist/FamilyTales is owned and operated by Fred Barden. I intend to share my passion for family history and genealogy on my website and hope to help others preserve their family memories. I am not a professional videographer/historian/genealogist, just a guy with a box of old family history wanting to share. If something works for me, it might not work for you.
The design and layout of The Reluctant Genealogist/FamilyTales was designed and programmed for me and is the sole property of the same. Copying or mimicking any content, code, graphics, concepts, etc. is strictly prohibited.

All photographs taken by us are licensed under a Creative Commons License. That means, you’re free to use my photos as long as A) you give us credit by linking back to my site, B) you’re not selling anything with them and C) you don’t modify or alter them in any way. Any images, videos, or other content that was not created by me is attributed its creator. Please do not “copy and paste” any of my content – even if it is credited to The Reluctant Genealogist. I also reserve the right to delete, alter, replace or move any content at any time without prior notification.

I have the right to delete any inappropriate or spam-related comments. When leaving a comment, you are asked to enter an email address. This is just to ensure you are a real person and not a spammer or so I can contact you if you are a giveaway winner. Otherwise, your email address is kept secured and private. When leaving a comment, your email address will be hidden from the view of readers. I will not sell or distribute your email address in any way.

Sponsors are in the sidebar of the blog under the “Sponsors” headers. The companies represented pay a monthly rate to appear there. The Reluctant Genealogist does not participate in paid product reviews/mentions. The sidebar to the right of the main content is the place where sponsor ads are located. If I choose to partner with a company for any reason, it will be stated on that specific post.

Some product links (both on the blog and social media outlets) include affiliates (meaning if you click on their ad and buy something from that store, I receive a small commission). For more information on how to become a sponsor, contact me.

By submitting a family history video or project to The Reluctant Genealogist, you are granting me permission to post the content provided unless otherwise stated.

Statements and opinions found on this site are never ever intended to offend or attack any group or individual — whatsoever.

I’m committed to keeping your private data just that– private. While I do collect some statistics from the site (like traffic), no information collected links that data to you personally.