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FredMy name is Fred Barden.

I live with the most wonderful Corporate VP in the world. Being a redhead she rarely has the patience for my truly weird stream of consciousness lifestyle. We share our world with Bingo the dog…yes, I have a dog, his name is Bingo… Bingo is the third in a line Cocker Spaniels that have shared our abode; he will probably get plenty of mention.

I lean towards Hawaiian shirts, classic rock, my caffeine delivery system of choice is Diet Dr. Pepper and I can usually finish a house project with less than 4 trips to Home Depot.

I started in radio at age 16 at a little radio station in the High Desert. My love for editing started there, cutting together announcements for the PTA Spaghetti Dinner.  Along the way I’ve picked up a degree in Broadcasting, an FCC Class 1 License and a whole truckload of practical experience, tips and tricks.

After working in Radio, TV, Recording and Cable TV I started my company, FamilyTales, to help people put their family history into a video.

Welcome to FamilyTales