Welcome to the Reluctant Genealogist

I guess you could call this a Mission Statement.

The Reluctant Genealogist is not about genealogy. It’s about family stories. The stories that explain your genealogy. The stories that look beyond the photos in an old dusty scrapbook, the souvenirs from a long forgotten County Fair, or a bundle of letters sent home from a lonely GI.

It’s about discovering how to save and share your family history.

What’s my mission? To encourage, persuade and yes, guilt you into making a video of your family history.

Do you remember an old relative from when you were young, maybe a Great Grandparent? Wouldn’t it be great to hear and see that person today? If someone had been able to record them, you’d be able to… just like years from now your future family will be able to see and hear long gone relatives…if you make the video.

This is my mission I hope you’ll join me on it.

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I got a cold. This is that cold… A representation of the molecular surface of one variant of human rhinovirus I don’t get sick often…but when I do it usually goes cold – bronchitis – pneumonia. It rather quickly went...

When I’m 64…

Well, here we are in the closing weeks of Fred’s Birthday Season… I suppose I should explain that. My darling wife, Amy, was concerned that after New Years there was nothing to look forward to in New England until spring,...

The Bread and Milk Brigade

You may have heard, a few weeks ago…it snowed back here. It was in all the papers. (I have to quit using that phrase because there aren’t any papers anymore) It was all over the internet. On both coasts there...

I Get Morning First…

It’s six-nineteen in the morning on Saturday. That’s 6:19 AM on a Saturday morning, eastern daylight time. The fake colonial lamps still glow along the street, through the fog off the river. All is quiet…Except for the obnoxious call of the wild turkey and Bingo’s frantic reply.

On Being a Blogger

“I think, therefore I am” – Descartes

“I blog, therefore I am…a writer” – Every Blogger in the World
“I yam what’s I yam…” – Popeye.
I took some time off from watching Bingo the dog chase rabbits in his sleep to contemplate this blogging phenomenon…Read More

Junk Mail

 I like to read my junk mail.
No really. I think it’s a microcosm of the entrepreneurial spirit sweeping across the country. Or as others say, the desperation of people squeezed out of the job market by those damn Democrats…or Republicans…or Unions…or the internet…or bigfoot or aliens or zombies. Anyway, everyone is advertising the bejeezus out of the internet and it’s all in my junk mail. Aside from the folks still asking me to cash a check for 89 quadrillion Gazamdabos (the currency of an unnamed country)… Read More

Travelling Boomers

Jan Smithers

I was able to observe my generation in full travel mode recently. Stop-overs in Houston and Denver… 

What I did on my Christmas Vacation.

High points

  • Being told by a TSA agent that I looked like Tom Selleck. Which, unfortunately, was followed by a strip search by a large black woman…

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While (or whilst…as my wife who studied in England would say) hacking my way through the digital jungle we’ve discovered a little tidbit. Seems there is a little info out there about a family dead end. My Mom’s family name is Senate.   Read More